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Horemheb - Training of a Pharaoh

A Benben Books Internet Publication
A historical novel by Daniel M. Kolos

Religious rituals and unselfconscious sexual practices stare at us from temple walls, papyri and ostraca. Yet, neither subject can be recreated with certainty by scholars. Personal religious and sexual feelings and experiences are not within the scholarly realm.

Horemheb - Training of a Pharaoh is a historical novel of a man intimately involved with the Amarna age from its conception. He guided its aftermath with a heavy hand. The first book follows Horemheb’s birth, upbringing and training. He was a reluctant scribe but an enthusiastic soldier at a time when the royal family challenged the power of the Amun-Ra priesthood. All of Egypt became divided with the rise of the Aten cult under Amenhotep III. Loyalties were tested and betrayed leading to lifelong enmities. Horemheb faced three choices: play the game, choose his master, or rise above it all. Because of his friendship with the Crown Prince of Egypt, Horemheb had to run the gauntlet of ripe royal Princesses with voracious sexual appetites time and again.

Book 2 documents his service to Akhenaten and Nefertiti as a general and ends with his stellar performance as Tutankhamun’s virtual regent. Horemheb, as scribe, priest and warrior, navigates his way through the tremendous changes brought by the energetic and visionary royal couple. Did they re-establish the rule of freedom and truth that Amun-Ra’s power had slowly eroded, or did they go on a rampage of self-indulgence? When Akhenaten dies, Horemheb faces his daughters’ determined courage and opts to support them. Under the rule of young Tutankhamun Horemheb comes into conflict with his old enemy, the young King’s Vizier and Egypt’s subsequent ruler, Aye.

Book 3 follows Horemheb’s leadership role when the Egyptian Queen sought to marry a Hittite Prince; the tragedy of his personal vision and the reduction of Egypt by plague; his crowning as Pharaoh when the entire royal house of the Tutmosides died out; his thirteen year rule of domestic reconstruction and détente with Egypt’s traditional enemy, the Hitties; his mark on history when he hand-picked his successor, his best friend and closest supporter, the man with an established family, Ramses I.

Culture changes constantly while the biological unfolding of human development has remained the same over thousands of years. Horemheb - Training of a Pharaoh recreates life in ancient Egypt as mythopoeic consciousness in eternal conflict with natural human development. The plot, one of the most twisted and bizarre in three millennia of Egyptian history, has already been enacted by the real players. Constantly measuring themselves against the accomplishments of the gods they serve, the characters strive to overcome their human limitations. Their conflicts tend to be as titanic as those among the gods. Their pleasures also reach divine heights.

Names which appear in the drama are practically household words: Amenhotep, Nefertiti and Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Ramses. Their lives and loves unfold along the banks of the Nile River. Their dreams, thoughts, words and deeds reach out and enfold Nubia, Crete, Lebanon, Anatolia, and what was to become Israel. From their midst spring the likes of Moses, Oedipus and Hermes Trismegistus. Horemheb - Training of a Pharaoh brings you the ancient Egyptians uncensored.

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