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Part Three

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Sowing the Seed


The two naked Priestesses standing on either side of me began ululating. The light had visibly faded from the Chamber of Conception, as if a veil had been draped over the light shaft. I took another moment to contemplate the scent, a pungent aroma that reminded me of the rotting stable manure that brought forth the healthiest and largest plants from the earth. I knew it was time to sow my seed.

I moved into the waiting thighs. The two Priestesses ran out of the chapel with girlish giggles. Drums roared into action. The other instruments shrieked with delight. Holding the Priestess' thighs on the altar, I entered her in the thin darkness. She grabbed my arms and sat up, her thighs enfolding me tightly. My arousal was complete. I needed no love play. The entire day was spent in etheric foreplay. I flew into a passion I had never before experienced. The Priestess reached out with her arms and embraced me. Her large breasts pressed against my belly and the light of recognition pierced my consciousness! My pent-up muscles let my semen flow as I burst out with a joyful, booming sound: "M-e-r-ee-y-e-t! My Beloved!"

I melted in her embrace. The familiar smells, the familiar body, the familiar touch of hands and thighs, years of love and passion welled up in me and I expelled sounds through my throat and semen through my phallus. Strained muscles throughout my body sent their total, unconditional love and energy into Mereeyet. I could not have foreseen the full power of this temple that had transformed my spouse into Hathor herself. Mereeyet had become the cow-headed Goddess of love and pleasure. Even as the secondary throes of orgasmic forces coursed through my body, I could tell from the grasping hands and thighs, the pressing breasts and the mouth that bit and sucked my chest that my spouse had been similarly prepared throughout the day by another set of Priestesses. Her passion had been equally aroused, her mind had also been focused on a male child and the Goddess Hathor had indeed answered her prayer and entered her body with all the divine qualities that only Hathor could confer on a woman. The playful god Djehouty, in his guise as a baboon, could not have visited a more glorious trick upon me, nor a more appropriate sleight of hand! He could not have made me any more blind to the obvious pairing of a husband and wife who wish to have a male child together.

I began to chatter like a baboon. Mereeyet answered me in kind. The tambourines also exploded and women streamed into the chapel ululating and shaking their sistra. Double-reed pipes sounded shrill delight.

I pulled Mereeyet off the altar and we hugged. Instinctively we both drew a deep breath. One was not enough to balance the effort we had just put out, so we stood there amid the commotion and rejoiced with our chests heaving against each other until a sense of calm returned to our limbs. Still holding hands, I led Mereeyet out of the chapel. Unseen hands separated and robed us, then led us to a rooftop banqueting hall. A small columned building across the roof from the Chamber of Conception, the rays of the evening sun, Ra-Harakhty, shone right into it. The food I had not eaten at lunch was now waiting for us. After I helped myself, Mereeyet took bread, meat and fruit, followed by the various dancers, musicians and Priestesses. Everything must be consumed. Everyone must be sated. Hathor's benign, fully sculpted human face with those peculiar cows' ears looked down upon us from every column in the hall. Her lips were forever set as if breaking out in a smile. When all the trays were empty, young girls, clad only in thin girdles encircling their waists, stood up and removed the low tables on which the trays sat.

The dancers and the musicians had regrouped and two Priestesses approached us. They motioned us to rise and led us down a square stairwell leading to the heart of the temple. Mereeyet remained behind. The procession turned away from the temple and exited by a side passage. This passage between the inner and the outer walls led around the temple. The Priestesses chanted the rituals that were carved into the wall. The inscriptions recorded the story of the Divine Heroo’s annual conjugal visit to his consort, the Goddess Hathor. He left his temple in his far-away province, settled into his sacred barque and sailed down the Nile. The Priestesses continued to chant how Heroo studied the fructifying currents of the Great River and how he would take them as a model for the flow of his own semen when he arrived at Hathor's abode.

I found the procession interminable. I tried to pull away from the arms that held me, but the Priestesses held me firmly. We walked at a pace at which the ritual drama unfolded in the vignettes along the wall. I accepted this ritual stroll as a necessary part of the total ceremony and the time needed for the proper digestion of our feast.

A change of subject perked me up. The chant told about the primeval mound, the original egg that rose from the waters which covered the earth. It was fertilized by Atum himself, the self-created, who spilled his own semen and mixed it with the earth of this first hill that had emerged from chaos. Out of that divine mixture came the gods of the First Time.

Mereeyet was my primeval mound, and my sperm had spilled onto her egg. The satisfaction of the memory that Mereeyet and I had just hours ago shared that primal tension sent a shiver up my spine and made me feel that I wanted to do it again. The next vignette showed that much of Atum’s sperm had spilled into the primeval waters where it created minor God and Goddesses who then served the Great Ones. We had finally reached the end of the walled corridor. Two doorways opened in opposite directions. Our procession turned to the left and followed two priestesses along the same path I took this morning. Around the Birthing House we wound our way to the Sacred Lake. One of the Priestesses removed my robe. I knew I had to cleanse myself again. Being naked again, I could smell how the scents and oils had mixed with my sweat and Mereeyet’s fluids. Their combination made my nose turn. I walked down the steps of the lake by myself, right into the water, up to my neck before I shoved off and swam. The warmth of the water in the cooling night air coursed over my browned skin. The water felt both cleansing and refreshing.

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