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Part Two

Amarna Period

Amarna Sexuality - Deep Throat Speculation


Two posts exchanged between two novelists familiar with Amarna iconography

November 21, 2001

Hello B,

To continue the discussion of the Goddess Nut, who swallows the sun at night and gives birth to it in the morning:

That would make the evening horizon her mouth and morning horizon her vagina. The sun itself may be separate from the embodiment of the Sun God Atum who 'created' Nut and married her, in the sense that Nut is the Goddess of the night sky and Atum is the God of daytime. Akhenaten, in turn, changes Atum into 'Aten of the Daytime'.

Does that make the 'akhu', as 'horizon' dwellers, pheronomes around the mouth and the genitals? Did Akhenaten build his city as the embodiment of Atum/ Aten of Daytime whose 'light' penetrates the Wadi every evening, past the 'akhu' tombs of his noblemen on either side of the Wadi opening and into the pregnant belly of the Sky Goddess Nut?

I should be writing this for Playboy! Nefertiti as the Playmate of the sun!

HOWEVER, I don't believe there is such iconography in any of the tombs before the Ramessides, is there? I mean the iconography of the sun entering Nut's mouth and being reborn from her vagina! IF that is true, then Akhenaten is the author/creator of some interesting celestial/worldly sexual phenomena.

I already suspect him of creating the Benben Chapel at Karnak as a phallic mating place that two young, spoiled royal adolescents can dream up for their pleasure (and to annoy the Amun priests who only mate once a year at Opet).

The reason I think young Amenhotep IV was able to dream up sexual imagery like that is because his father was already practicing various sexual excesses with various women, each of whom he her own sexual specialty. I also don't believe for a moment that sexuality was done in private: it had to be part and parcel of riotous musical and dancing celebrations. The clue lies in the 'Bes' and 'Hathor' legged tables at the workmen's village at Deir el Medina where several of these tables, often named 'beds' were found in the middle of a room. These table/beds were too small for sleeping and too big for toiletry, but just right for certain sexual acts/rites with dancers, musicians, clappers, drummers and singers parading around the room
and in and out onto the courtyard.

Anyway, this latter scenario is how I write the Horemheb novel with the itinerant musicians dancers moving from festival to festival. Amenhotep III and Akhenaten may have taken the doings of the common folks to another ritual level. If Akhenaten was the 'dreamer' that so many attribute to him, then he took this celebratory sexuality to the next, abstract or representational level.

If Akhenaten was blind, which I suspect he must have been looking at the Aten several times a day, then his sense of smell would have been all the keener. He would have noticed the 'scent' of sexuality, that it served as an incentive, a turn-on, an 'akh'.

There is another dimension to this. If I sound like I am getting carried away, so be it, but this is all fuel for a novel and I suspect not very far from the true state of things at Akhenaten's Karnak and Amarna. I am putting it together for you because you have already gone over this ground in your own novels and you know enough about Akhenaten to tell me whether I am full of shit or it is worth exploring these possibilities!

This other dimension is the fact that the Egyptians knew enough that Nut did not become pregnant with the sun at night through her mouth! So the iconography of the sun going through the night-sky may or may not necessarily be an impregnation and birth process. It may just as well be a brainchild of Akhenaten as an evening and morning orgasm releasing 'light'. That, of course, brings to mind not Geb, helplessly poking his phallus into thin air from the ground while Nut patiently waits above him, but rather Nut and Atum in a circle (of night and day), each with the mouth to the other's genitals that form the 'horizon' where the 'Aten' may even be the resulting orgasm.

While they were still at Karnak, Akhenaten and Nefertiti styled themselves after Shu and Tefnut, another technically intertwined couple. I claim coregency on the grounds that only after AIII died did Akhenaten drop Shu and assumed the name Ra-Harakhte. Now when he drops Ra-Harakhte, is that when he goes totally blind?

Whether these thoughts constitute 'insights' or fantasies, you can help me decide! I hope this post brings you at least a good chuckle!


"Akhs dwell on the horizon, the place where the natural and supernatural world meet. For the Egyptians,natural and supernatural do interpenetrate each other at manypoints. The sunrise and sunset horizons are only two of them."


According to this, akhu are the pheronomes around the genitals (natural) and around the mouth (supernatural), and their interpenetration consists of the various sexual acts performed with them. The genitals are sunrise, because that is where the Goddess Nut gives birth to the sun every morning; the mouth is sunset because that is how the Goddess Nut swallows the sun every night.

The sun itself is the energy that passes both into Nut and out of Nut as the Goddess of the night sky, the orgasmic energy of her male counterpart as he ejaculates into her mouth at night, and her own orgasmic energy as her male counterpart (perhaps Ra-Atum, ther daytime personification of the sun) as he licks and swallows her juices in the morning.

So the 'akhu' (plural of 'akh') who 'dwell on the horizon' can either be the pheronomes that inspire the interpenetration or they can be the act of interpenetration itself!

In the Benben Temple at Karnak, Nefertiti would bring Akhenaten to orgasm and swallow his semen at the sunset ritual; they would return there in the middle of the night and Akhenaten would play the dead Osiris (also believed to be the dead sun at a point in the Old Kingdom when the Osirian myth was merged with the Heliopolitan sun cult) and Nefertiti would play Isis and sit on Akhenaten's erect phallus in order to conceive the sun (or her son Horus, since the falcon is also a symbol of the sun) and they would return at sunrise where Nefertiti would lie on the altar and Akhenaten would bring her to orgasm with his mouth and tongue, thus symbolically helping to give birth to the morning sun.

For a pair of spoiled Egyptian youngsters who were used to the King's sexual preferences and excesses, this scenario is not at all out of line or beyond belief!

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